Monday, August 3, 2015

GOP Voting Again To Destroy Planned Parenthood By Defunding It, Using OUR MONEY.

Here we go again, Republicans against logic and common sense, voting today to defame (and possibly destroy) some of our rights because they don't comply with their fairytale delusions of what an old guy in the sky (who spies on their thinking and movements, every minute of every day) tells them to do, until he decrees (yup, HE is always male) “You’re Fired!”… Oops, wait a minute… that’s Donald Trump, what old guy in the sky, says is “Your Number’s Up!”… We should all refuse to live in this theocracy, the non-thinking GOP wish to impose upon us. thinkingblue
5 Most Absurd Conspiracy Theories Peddled By Anti-Choice Christians
Why is the anti-choice movement even taken seriously as a political movement by the media?
For the past few years, conservatives have been diligently trying to put a kinder, gentler face on the anti-choice movement. They try to hide that they’re a bunch of ghouls stuck in a titillation-disgust obsession with female sexuality and reproductive function. Instead, they claim to be a bunch of well-meaning church ladies just trying to help those poor young ladies realize that their true calling is motherhood.
But a few weeks ago, the mask got ripped off when a radical anti-choice group going by the name Center for Medical Progress released a bunch of misleadingly edited videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling fetal body parts in some kind of black market profiteering scheme. The accusations got a momentary blip of incredulous media coverage before the debunking started. To summarize: the people in the videos are actually talking about donating fetal tissue to research (something even Republicans have supported in the past). The people behind the stunt are the same kind of loony right-wing nuts who love trading in bizarre conspiracy theories.
The real question here is why the anti-choice movement is taken seriously at all as a political movement by the media. The movement has a long history of pushing breathless and implausible urban legends that are more at home on some conspiracy theory website than in grown-up politics. Reproductive health care sits at an intersection of human sexuality and medicine, and anti-choicers really love wallowing in the ghastly and the sensational, even if neither has any relationship to reality.
Here are some of the more ridiculous and gross examples.

Monday, November 3, 2014

No Politicking In Space

The explosion of the Antares rocket, that was on its way to the ISS to deliver needed supplies to the astronauts working there, 205 miles up, was a devastating reality blow to space exploration and should wake us to the fact that we are, to some degree, trapped here on planet Earth by physics. Setbacks are inevitable because the laws of physics are intense but this can't stop us from forging ahead until one day we break free from this Earthly cocoon and can exist elsewhere amongst the stars.
Our world with all its, warring, conquering, politicking, pilfering and whatever else the human narcissistic animal can conceive to satisfy its coveted nature, turns life into a never-ending confusion from which there seems, no escape.
The analysis and understanding of the universe might be our only hope to become an altruistic species with a strong rapport for one another because we will realize that we're all in this together, living on one vulnerable planet, with nowhere else to go.
There I go again…
pondering that which will never occur.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Live Oak Florida Landfill UPDATE 2012

The company that is trying to put a LANDFILL/GARBAGE DUMP right at the gateway of Live Oak, is still at it. They pieced together another proposal for a permit, knowing full well it was ONLY PIECED TOGETHER. Why? Because...
Live Oak — The Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday night to hold a public hearing regarding placing a moratorium on proposed landfills in the county. The hearing will be held on Jan. 3, after 6 p.m., at City Hall.

Commission chairman Wesley Wainwright said Wednesday morning that County Attorney Hal Airth will bring a draft of the moratorium to the public hearing and at that time the board will be able to make the language more specific to meet the county's needs.

Commissioner Jesse Caruthers proposed the idea of a moratorium to be in effect for one year so the county can have an opportunity to revise its land use regulations.

"Hopefully making it restrictive enough so that the landfill will not happen here," Caruthers said last week.

However, the company that applied for a zoning special in October for the purpose of locating a class I landfill north of Live Oak before withdrawing it on Dec. 5 filed another application on Monday, Dec. 19.

THE DAY BEFORE THE VOTED moratorium on proposed landfills TOOK PLACE! Unmitigated gall!

COMMENT BY schreibe
It looks to me like the County "Commissioners" really want to "revise its land us regulations".... and "hopefully making it restrictive enough so that the landfill will not happen here"!... BUT! there has been a lot of money spent on the proposed land fill, AND, the money people are not about to let this go!... after all there's lots of MONEY invovled here! To Hell!....your future! To Hell!.. with the future of Live Oak, and the future of the citizens of Live Oak. The 1% are speaking loud and clear! Move aside all you people...we are coming!

Live Oak Landfill Hearing December 6, 2011

Update: City hires firm for landfill feedback
Proposed landfill agent said regional waste would be accepted

Misty Ward Suwannee Democrat

Live Oak — The Live Oak City Council hired a professional geologist Friday night to determine what affect, if any, the proposed private landfill would have on the city's well fields.

Bill Rollins, of Tallahassee based Jim Stidham & Associates, was contacted shortly after Friday's meeting to begin work on the project.

City Administrator Bob Farley said Rollins was to meet with city officials and staff Tuesday "to go over the scope of work and discuss concerns."
Farly said Rollins will also attend the Nov. 7 workshop on the proposed landfill at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. that Frank A. Darabi, president of Darabi and Associates, Inc. of Gainesville, is hosting, as well as the City Council meeting on Nov. 8.

Darabi is listed as the agent for Clyde A. Biston of Cross Environmental Resources Management, LLC, who has applied for a zoning special permit to use land located near the intersection of US 129 North and I-10, near the city's newly installed water tower and well fields, as a class 1 municipal solid waste facility.

Darabi is also Suwannee Count's environmental engineer for landfills.

Suwannee County currently uses its landfill off US 129 South as a transfer station. Waste is then trucked out to a landfill in Georgia. The proposed landfill would be privately owned.

Darabi said that in order for a landfill to work here, it would have to accept garbage from other counties.

"Getting involved in garbage is based on tonnage," he said. "Landfilling has to be done on a regional basis."

He said before the Clyde A. Biston company can attract other counties, they must first get approval for a land use change and to go through the proper permitting stages.

"They have an idea that if they build a landfill they may get so much customers and so much business," Darabi said.

He said the proposed landfill is going to be well buffered from I-10 and US 129.
"Trees are going to be there and planted," he said. "(People) won't see a thing."

Darabi said the location is ideal because its setback is away from the city's well fields and water tower and that large trucks would not be tearing up roads. They would come off I-10 and only be on US 129 for a short time before going to the landfill.

The city budgeted about $5,000 for Jim Stidham & Associates.
I hope all citizens of Suwannee County and beyond will attend this meeting. We cannot allow such a supposedly DONE DEAL go ahead without input from the populous who will definitely feel a negative impact upon our community for years to come. Come one, come all and be heard! This landfill must be stopped in its tracks from the location (almost completed) site the private company has picked. We residents of Suwannee County live, work, drink the water and breathe the air, I doubt if the owner of the landfill can claim that! He can just on occasion come and visit his money making site (probably wearing a gas-mask) and then go back to where he lives and breathe fresh air while counting his dirty money!

Welcome To Live Oak's Garbage Dump

Live Oak Florida was hoodwinked into allowing a Garbage Dump right at its entrance. The people don't like it, the businesses don't like it, and the city commissioners don't like it, so why can't it be STOPPED? Dump future still possible

Misty Ward Suwannee Democrat

The president of Cross Environmental Resources Management LLC told the Democrat Wednesday that he still intends to file an application for the purpose of locating a class I landfill north of Live Oak.

The Democrat reported Monday that the landfill agent for the company withdrew the application for a special permit for the landfill, and thus canceling the public hearing that was to be held Dec. 6 on the matter.

An email message dated Dec. 5 from the agent, Frank Darabi, to an attorney for the company, W.O. Birchfield, that was also sent to Cross President Clyde A. Biston, stated that "They will concentrate their efforts on the currently approved C&D (construction and debris) site, and upgrade it."

However, Biston stated Wednesday morning that it's only an option.

"That's between them, that is something that Frank sent out," Biston said by phone Wednesday in response to that email. "I am not abandoning the class I landfill on the 158 acres but we will be exploring our options. I am concentrating myself on building the class I landfill."

When asked by Darabi, who is no longer Biston's agent, he said the discussion on the C&D site was "just what I heard."

Biston wrote in a one and a half page letter to the Democrat Wednesday that while he does plan to make a new application sometime in the future, "we felt that a delay was appropriate. Because it will provide us with an opportunity to better address some of the concerns that have been raised and also to correct some 'information' which we think is incorrect," Biston wrote. "We hope that the last minute timing of the withdrawal didn't inconvenience people too badly."

One issue Biston wanted to correct pertains to land that fronts US 129, just north of I-10, that has been cleared of trees. Biston claims the land is not part of the proposed landfill site and is privately owned.

Biston said the process was moving too fast and that issues that should be dealt with through the Department of Environmental Protection were being discussed prematurely.

According to Commission Chairman Wesley Wainwright, those issues will have to wait until a possible application by Cross is filed again and would have to be approved by the county commission.

"The county commission has to approve zoning change that would allow a class I landfill before they can proceed with a DEP permit," Wainwright said by phone Thursday. "If the county commission does not approve it and if they want to move forward, they could take it to court to fight the decision if they felt the ruling by county commission was unjust."

Biston said he understands the county's role.

"What we want is the county's vote. We don't want to fight the county," Biston said Thursday.

Biston said he wants to educate the public more about modern landfills and clear up any misconceptions.

Regarding the C&D landfill located near the proposed landfill site and possibly converting it to a class I landfill, Biston said that's not his intention.

"We still have to go through DEP and they would decide. I want to build a new state of the art, class I landfill, start fresh. I want to push forward," he said.

Biston gave no timeline on when his company will file a new application.